It’s a rare and wonderful gift when I come across something that perfectly and eloquently communicates what I have in my gut.  I find that my explanations to people of what Red Pill is all about are often clumsy and unsatisfying.  I can find absolutely no information about the author of the following quote, Oak Chazer, but it appeared in a calendar of my sister’s called “We’Moon” and she painstakingly transcribed it, most likely knowing damn well I’d share it with you.  Immediately.  Get ready: here it is:

Meme Warfare

Memes are ideas that travel.  Memes spread and infect us – trends, logos, slogans, tunes, cultural norms, ideas about race and sex, domination and entitlement.  In this culture, 3000 marketing messages are rammed into your neocortex every day.  It’s one-way, nonconsensual, and violent.  Potent memes can change minds, alter behaviors, and transform cultures.  In an authentic culture, the best ideas percolate from the bottom up and win.  But in this culture, memes ooze down from the top, and the most repeated ideas win.  We live inside this culture-manufacturing machine.

Global capitalism is in its cancer stage, and metastasizing to kill its host, our only planet.  We’re the first generation to get our sense of the world mostly through one screen or another.  Our “truths” come from our machines, not from contact with the world or each other.  Abstractions seem more real than reality: logos, movie stars, the Dow Jones are more real than trees, starving children, or climate change.  We are fighting not just the destruction of nature, but the destruction of meaning.

How can we win?

Not by technology, and not by force.  Only by imagination: the ability to tell ourselves different stories.  There’s more to life than being rich, fast, young, thin, beautiful and technologically advanced.  We need new ideas, new meaning, new memes.  Social change agents spreading our ideas throughout the culture will create maps for getting to there from here.  This is the literal battle for the hearts, minds and attention spans of an ever more anesthetized society.  We can consciously, deliberately, and fundamentally redirect the trajectory of history.

What are the memes that clearly communicate Life – inter-connectedness, democracy, biocentrism, renewable energy, freedom?  Think about it.  Pass it on.

We, RPP, are here as a social change agent.  We want to live and raise our children authentically.  We defy the corporate manufacture of culture, the nonconsensual, violent imposition of priorities we do not share and rather, choose to protect our children from.

Pass it on.

– Red Pill Mama

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Lynn March 5, 2011 at 9:10 am

Memes? Who knew? :-) I like this… (where’s the ‘thumbs up’ when you need it?!)

Heather March 8, 2011 at 1:20 pm

I have missed your posts.

Great one and this is right. I have just learned about memes. Yet we are a culture more ready to wrap our simple minds around the Charlie Sheen memes and less around those of Oak Chazer.

Gotta keep tryin’! I’m on board :)

Christine May 24, 2011 at 10:33 pm

I LOVE this! I am printing it out and leaving it where my 9 year old can see it, and will wait till the day my 6 year old can read and understand it. I want to be reminded everyday what this says, so I can put on my intellectual armor and try to beat back all the bad oozing memes, and allow the good memes in.

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