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Rethinking the Simplest Things

We are creatures of habit, no doubt.  It could also be said that we in the U.S. are creatures of comfort and creatures of culture.  We do what we do, in many cases, because it’s always been done, it’s easier that way, and everybody’s doing it.  But I believe that so much of what we [...]

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The Red Pill Summer Reading & Watching List

Red Pill Papa and I are getting ready to hang the “Gone Fishin’” sign, as school ends, our extensive summer travel begins (including an in-person Red Pill Confab in New York!) and based on the last three weeks, our realization that keeping our regular posting schedule over the summer is not — ahem — realistic. [...]

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My Big Beef with King Corn: Kernels, CAFOs and Coercion

The Red Pill Parents have been on a documentary kick lately and we are grateful that there are so many documentarians who are now shining a light on the food that most Americans eat, the means of production of these agricultural products, and the resulting effects on us and our environment.  As Red Pill Parents, [...]

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Is ‘Truthiness’ Part of Your Family’s Vocabulary?

Doug Dennis and the Flyaway Fib is a new children’s book by author and illustrator Darren Farrell. I had the good fortune of meeting Darren recently at a local cafe in NYC, where I have met many interesting people who have become instant supporters of Red Pill Parents, and who in many ways already embody, [...]

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‘The Biggest Job’ – Are You Valuing Achievement Over Character?

While I’ve read plenty of books about raising children, most that impart an overall parenting philosophy seem to simply articulate common sense, and deliver it with enough of a swift kick in the parenting pants to get you off your lazy butt and doing what you know you should be doing.  But leave it to [...]

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Preserve Your Child’s Artwork by Creating Photo Books

One dilemma that we parents all face several times a year is,”What should I do with all of the artwork that my child has created?” These are the masterpieces (OK maybe not all of them) that our kids beam with pride over and for which we shower them with praise for making. While some of [...]

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