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The Red Pill Parents — conscious parenting starts with conscious living — Page 2

LIFE vs. Manufactured Culture

It’s a rare and wonderful gift when I come across something that perfectly and eloquently communicates what I have in my gut.  I find that my explanations to people of what Red Pill is all about are often clumsy and unsatisfying.  I can find absolutely no information about the author of the following quote, Oak [...]

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Yes, Virginia, Meat Really Does Come from Dead Animals

Wow, have you been watching Steven Rinella’s “The Wild Within” on Travel Channel?  We’ve watched two episodes with the kids, and the scene from the Hawaii episode, where he kills the wild boar, is quite possibly one of the most intense things I’ve ever seen on television.  I’m so impressed with the way they film [...]

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Understanding The Nag Factor: Are You an “Indulger” or a “Conflicted” Parent?

My mom recently watched a documentary entitled “The Corporation” and sent me a few choice factoids from the film to share with all of you: Marketers play to the developmental levels of a child in their marketing strategies They hire child psychologists to devise ways to sell They spend $12 billion a year on research [...]

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Now: What To Do With All Those Stuffed Animals?

Now that the holidays are over, you may be feeling overrun with the net result of the seasonal gift-fest, especially when it comes to your kids’ toys.  And if “simplify and organize” is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, there may be nothing more exasperating than the sight of the cotton-stuffed menagerie taking over your [...]

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Happy – um – New Year!

“Um” ’cause it’s a little late, but I’m counting on the fact that there’s truth in the phrase “better late than never.”  And if you also had a week of snow days with your kids home last week, spending the day playing Yahtzee in your pajamas, then you understand one of the reasons for my [...]

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Be Wary of Greenwashing

Those of us who are diligently trying to make lifestyle and consumer choices that have a more positive impact on the environment and its inhabitants are, of course, always on the lookout for products that help us accomplish this goal.  But advertising is advertising, and the ad agencies that design campaigns to convince us that [...]

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The Holidays are Here – Can You REMAIN CONSCIOUS?

As if the holidays weren’t overwhelming already, here’s the Red Pill Challenge: REMAIN CONSCIOUS.  This is no small task either, but if you can keep your wits about you and not let the holiday machine go into auto-pilot, you could make the season so much more joyous – what it’s meant to be anyway, right? [...]

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Speaking of taking candy …

From our cheeky and talented friend Darren Farrell, author of “Doug Dennis and the Flyaway Fib“: Summit of the Century: Dougie Dennis meet Morph The Red Pill Pusher

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School’s back in — and so are we! Now where’s our candy reward?

Whew!  Man, that felt like a long time: it’s good to be back!   Without regaling you with the details of the Red Pill Family Travels this summer (I’ll only tell you that we got together with Red Pill Papa in New York, which was FANTASTIC!), let me get right down to business: school’s back [...]

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The Red Pill Summer Reading & Watching List

Red Pill Papa and I are getting ready to hang the “Gone Fishin’” sign, as school ends, our extensive summer travel begins (including an in-person Red Pill Confab in New York!) and based on the last three weeks, our realization that keeping our regular posting schedule over the summer is not — ahem — realistic. [...]

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