Outraged? Yes! Cadmium in Children’s Products China’s Latest Export (USA TODAY)

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Since the CPSC lead paint toy recall, I have had my doubts about all children’s products that are made in China. Here’s new reason that we should remain skeptical at the least and simply avoid all Chinese-manufactured products that our children play with and wear at best. Perhaps this could be somewhat of a boon to US manufacturing.

The following quick facts have all been excerpted from this USA TODAY article published on Monday, January 11th, 2010:

- Children’s jewelry containing high levels of cadmium is being manufactured in China and imported into the US.

- Cadmium is a cancer-causing heavy metal ranked #7 out of 275 in the CPC’s list of dangerous metals.

-A test conducted by the Associated Press found that 12% of children’s jewelry items tested contained at least 10% cadmium by weight. 102 items were tested and the highest concentration in a single charm came in at 91% cadmium.

- Cadmium doesn’t need to be swallowed to damage the body. It can be bitten or sucked regularly (can’t you just see all the children with their necklace charms in the mouths? That was my mental picture while reading the article).

- More factoids to be posted later…


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Papa January 13, 2010 at 10:13 am

If you want to read more on the subject of keeping toxins out of chilren’s products, read this:


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