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Speaking of taking candy …

From our cheeky and talented friend Darren Farrell, author of “Doug Dennis and the Flyaway Fib“: Summit of the Century: Dougie Dennis meet Morph The Red Pill Pusher

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School’s back in — and so are we! Now where’s our candy reward?

Whew!  Man, that felt like a long time: it’s good to be back!   Without regaling you with the details of the Red Pill Family Travels this summer (I’ll only tell you that we got together with Red Pill Papa in New York, which was FANTASTIC!), let me get right down to business: school’s back [...]

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The Red Pill Summer Reading & Watching List

Red Pill Papa and I are getting ready to hang the “Gone Fishin’” sign, as school ends, our extensive summer travel begins (including an in-person Red Pill Confab in New York!) and based on the last three weeks, our realization that keeping our regular posting schedule over the summer is not — ahem — realistic. [...]

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Looking Beyond Ritalin: Pesticides & ADHD

My hubby sent me this link yesterday with the question: “Blog-worthy?” My answer: “Um, duh.” Here it is: Pesticides on Produce Tied to ADHD (courtesy of HealthDay via Yahoo News). I highly recommend reading the full article to understand the association between pesticides and ADHD: the study cited does not show that pesticides cause ADHD, [...]

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Better Parenting Through a Harmonious Home

Red Pill Readers: We’ve certainly tried to shine a spotlight on some of the negative effects of our culture’s prevailing consumerist, stuff-driven, acquisitive mentality.   But have you ever stopped to think about how the way you deal with all this stuff in your home — your level (or lack) of organization — might be [...]

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Bottled Water and the Damage Done

Clean drinking water seems to be one of the inalienable rights not mentioned in the US Constitution.  All we have to do is turn on the tap, fill a glass and drink it, and we have the peace of mind of knowing that the water carries a seal of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency.  [...]

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Is ‘Truthiness’ Part of Your Family’s Vocabulary?

Doug Dennis and the Flyaway Fib is a new children’s book by author and illustrator Darren Farrell. I had the good fortune of meeting Darren recently at a local cafe in NYC, where I have met many interesting people who have become instant supporters of Red Pill Parents, and who in many ways already embody, [...]

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Our Very Busy Teens: Or, Has the World Gone Mad?

Once again, I’m following the rule of threes: first, I read an article about a 16-year-old girl in Chicago who is facing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, after sending up to 4,000 text messages a month on her phone.  The tip-off that something was amiss?  She started losing feeling in her hands!  She now wears [...]

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Food, Inc.: 4 Quotes, 4 Steps, 3 Boycotts, 1 Promise

I’ve now watched Food, Inc. And I’m sorry I was so flip about it when I posted on Monday.  Overall, right now, I can only characterize the way I feel as weird.  I feel weird.  Creepy and weird.  Yet at the same time, I also feel grateful, galvanized and newly motivated.  Grateful that despite what [...]

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Food, Inc. – Watch it Free Through Thursday

So after all that heavy reading last week, you’ll be happy to know that this post is devoted entirely to getting you to go watch TV. My sister (who shall henceforth be officially known as the RPP Research Department), sent me yet another great tip last week, this one via the Arlington Montessori Action Committee [...]

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