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My Big Beef with King Corn: Kernels, CAFOs and Coercion

The Red Pill Parents have been on a documentary kick lately and we are grateful that there are so many documentarians who are now shining a light on the food that most Americans eat, the means of production of these agricultural products, and the resulting effects on us and our environment.  As Red Pill Parents, [...]

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Food, Inc.: 4 Quotes, 4 Steps, 3 Boycotts, 1 Promise

I’ve now watched Food, Inc. And I’m sorry I was so flip about it when I posted on Monday.  Overall, right now, I can only characterize the way I feel as weird.  I feel weird.  Creepy and weird.  Yet at the same time, I also feel grateful, galvanized and newly motivated.  Grateful that despite what [...]

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Food, Inc. – Watch it Free Through Thursday

So after all that heavy reading last week, you’ll be happy to know that this post is devoted entirely to getting you to go watch TV. My sister (who shall henceforth be officially known as the RPP Research Department), sent me yet another great tip last week, this one via the Arlington Montessori Action Committee [...]

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Plastic Bags, Part 3: The Good News, Plus Cute Reusables for Your Kids

Just joining us?  Catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2 of this 3-part series. *** So now, here’s the good news on the plastic bag issue: governments and organizations are starting to take measures to encourage (or demand) decreased consumption of disposable plastic bags.  San Francisco literally outlawed them – over two years ago.  D.C. [...]

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Plastic Bags, Part 2: Rethinking Cost and Convenience

Just joining us?  Catch up by reading Part 1 of this 3-part series. *** Having addressed the sanitary issue, I’ll now address the other two concerns: “I don’t want to pay for them” and “They’re not convenient.” I pair these two together because they’re both about personal cost: monetary cost, and time-and-effort cost.  Well, in [...]

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Examining Both Sides of the Plastic Bag Issue, Part 1, Or: How My Noisy Night-Owl Grandma Turned Me Green

Dear Red Pill Readers: in honor of Earth Day, we’ve chosen one environmental issue that we believe is a good one for parents to examine in their own households, and which presents a great opportunity to join together with your kids to make a positive change (for the environment, and for yourselves).  We’ll be publishing a 3-part [...]

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A Suburban Mom Walks the Walk — Literally

Red Pill Parents, please welcome Out of the Blue, our first Red Pill Contributor.  Look for a follow-up to her story, as well as others in the future.  Enjoy … RPM & RPP * * * Isn’t it funny that we accept the fact that even though taking a walk is so natural, the idea [...]

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Mama’s Two Cents on the Big Gulp Issue: Embracing “No”

Red Pill Papa’s Big Gulp post has my brain so completely twitterpated that I simply have to post instead of comment.  I’m Tippi Hedren once again, swatting a swarm of birds flying around my head, but the one that’s gripped my shoulder and is pecking my skull is saying, “No.  No.  No.”  Because I can’t help but [...]

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The ‘Why’ and ‘Which’ of Organic Produce

This really should be Red Pill Papa’s post since he’s the ‘food guy’ — and he certainly gets credit for introducing us to Amy Nelms of mmmunch.com, who was generous enough to share the great information on which this post is based — but credit given, we’d now like to share with you the best summary [...]

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Digging Deeper into Skin Deep Products

My husband recently told me about a website he heard about on Howard Stern of all places: Skin Deep, a cosmetic safety database compiled by The Environmental Working Group. The site rates what appears to be an impressive variety of personal care products on a 1-10 scale, the results of which fall into a low, [...]

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