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The Haitian Earthquake: How to Involve Our Kids + Old News Already?

When the story broke about the Haitian earthquake, I found myself glued to the TV in a state of sadness and shock.  I found the images, as I’m sure many of you did, to be quite graphic and disturbing and made it a point to either turn off the TV or change the channel when [...]

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I’ll Admit It: I Yell At My Kids

I hate this about myself as a parent.  A little voice says, “Red Pill Parents don’t yell.”  It usually happens when we have to be somewhere at a certain time, when being late has consequences (the bus stop, dance class, a birthday party, etc.)  And it’s typically because despite all the literal verbal clues I’m [...]

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A Rhyming Game You Can Play In The Car

Two summers ago, when my daughter was really getting interested in letters, I started playing a rhyming game with her in the car one day that was both lots of fun and educational.  My daughter really got into it and we were able to play it for long stretches, which helped the travel time pass [...]

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Talking To Our Children About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Today, my dear friend Ann Ruckert, a musician, composer, arranger and educator, posted the following on her blog at While she may have been born at an earlier time than many of us current parents, she is the embodiment of a Red Pill Parent. A conversation that I had with her several years back [...]

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Raising Thinking Citizens

As a gentle snow fell on New York City this past New Year’s Eve day, I had the good fortune of attending a US naturalization ceremony at the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan. While observing the faces of the new citizens and their friends and family who came to share this special day with them, a [...]

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Through The Seasons: One Year In 90 Seconds

Thanks to the work of Eirik Solheim from Oslo, Norway I was touched deeply by the magic of nature. For an entire year in 2009, Mr. Solheim captured 30 seconds of video roughly every week and edited the year’s footage down to a total of 90 seconds. If you have a child nearby, why not [...]

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Thinking About Speaking | Detriments of Gossip And It’s Permanence On The Web

After reading a piece about the effect of gossip on our culture and the way that it affects the way our children speak and interact, this article suggests that we teach our children to ask three questions before we say something to or about someone else: 1) Is it kind? 2) Is it True? 3) [...]

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