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My Big Beef with King Corn: Kernels, CAFOs and Coercion

The Red Pill Parents have been on a documentary kick lately and we are grateful that there are so many documentarians who are now shining a light on the food that most Americans eat, the means of production of these agricultural products, and the resulting effects on us and our environment.  As Red Pill Parents, [...]

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Is ‘Truthiness’ Part of Your Family’s Vocabulary?

Doug Dennis and the Flyaway Fib is a new children’s book by author and illustrator Darren Farrell. I had the good fortune of meeting Darren recently at a local cafe in NYC, where I have met many interesting people who have become instant supporters of Red Pill Parents, and who in many ways already embody, [...]

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Our Very Busy Teens: Or, Has the World Gone Mad?

Once again, I’m following the rule of threes: first, I read an article about a 16-year-old girl in Chicago who is facing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, after sending up to 4,000 text messages a month on her phone.  The tip-off that something was amiss?  She started losing feeling in her hands!  She now wears [...]

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Plastic Bags, Part 3: The Good News, Plus Cute Reusables for Your Kids

Just joining us?  Catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2 of this 3-part series. *** So now, here’s the good news on the plastic bag issue: governments and organizations are starting to take measures to encourage (or demand) decreased consumption of disposable plastic bags.  San Francisco literally outlawed them – over two years ago.  D.C. [...]

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Plastic Bags, Part 2: Rethinking Cost and Convenience

Just joining us?  Catch up by reading Part 1 of this 3-part series. *** Having addressed the sanitary issue, I’ll now address the other two concerns: “I don’t want to pay for them” and “They’re not convenient.” I pair these two together because they’re both about personal cost: monetary cost, and time-and-effort cost.  Well, in [...]

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Examining Both Sides of the Plastic Bag Issue, Part 1, Or: How My Noisy Night-Owl Grandma Turned Me Green

Dear Red Pill Readers: in honor of Earth Day, we’ve chosen one environmental issue that we believe is a good one for parents to examine in their own households, and which presents a great opportunity to join together with your kids to make a positive change (for the environment, and for yourselves).  We’ll be publishing a 3-part [...]

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Peep! Red Pill Readers Respond

We got a great response to our candy-free Easter alternative call for ideas.  Without further verbose ado, I will henceforth share some ideas with you that will help you make the basket-and-egg part of the holiday less of a mad clamor for sugary treats and more about welcoming Spring. (I will add one brief bit [...]

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‘The Biggest Job’ – Are You Valuing Achievement Over Character?

While I’ve read plenty of books about raising children, most that impart an overall parenting philosophy seem to simply articulate common sense, and deliver it with enough of a swift kick in the parenting pants to get you off your lazy butt and doing what you know you should be doing.  But leave it to [...]

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A Suburban Mom Walks the Walk — Literally

Red Pill Parents, please welcome Out of the Blue, our first Red Pill Contributor.  Look for a follow-up to her story, as well as others in the future.  Enjoy … RPM & RPP * * * Isn’t it funny that we accept the fact that even though taking a walk is so natural, the idea [...]

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Delay Gratification and Encourage Writing with a “Wish List Folder”

Red Pill Parents, I wanted to share with you a concept that I came up with (though I have learned from Red Pill Mama that she has a variation of my system in her home, so strength in numbers seems to indicate this is an idea that works). I am talking about “The Wish List [...]

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