Happy – um – New Year!

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“Um” ’cause it’s a little late, but I’m counting on the fact that there’s truth in the phrase “better late than never.”  And if you also had a week of snow days with your kids home last week, spending the day playing Yahtzee in your pajamas, then you understand one of the reasons for my tardiness. ;-)

So here it is: my most sincere new year wish to you, with the hope that you make significant progress down the path of your own growth this year.  My new mantra, hard for a Virgo perfectionist to swallow but helpful nonetheless, is: “Progress, not perfection.”

On that note, I know we all want to be better parents, better friends, better spouses and better citizens of the world.  And that’s why we, as in the Red Pill Parents we (is that like ‘the royal we’?), are here.  Oprah summed it up nicely for me in the tenth anniversary edition of O: The Oprah Magazine (the first one I actually ever bought) with this quote:

One of the lessons I’ve learned from doing the show is just how much attention is required to do the job of mothering well.

And then Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I still think of as that kid on Third Rock from the Sun even though he’s all grown up now, had this to say in a recent issue of Details magazine (which I liked so much I added it to our Quotes generator):

The creative pioneer of the new era is … the person who confronts the superabundance, plucks out the gems, and puts them together in such a way that it means something.

So that, folks, is why we’re here: because parenting requires a level of attention that, in our current age of information overload, is not possible to achieve with our own brain alone — and so we are here to help you confront the superabundance of information coming at you and your family, pluck out the gems, toss out the duds, and help you work toward living — and parenting — consciously.

Thanks for being here, and here’s to a great year for all of us: you, me, and The Red Pill Parents,

Red Pill Mama

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Papa January 21, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Amen Red Pill Mama. Happy Belated New Year to you and to all of our readers. I love the Joseph Gordon-Levitt quote – more and more we need to remind ourselves of this, lest we be overcome by the superabundance (which is a wonderful word for ‘it’) and throw our hands up in a futile gesture, reaching into our bag of chips and then shushing our kids when the commercial break is over…

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