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Speaking of taking candy …

From our cheeky and talented friend Darren Farrell, author of “Doug Dennis and the Flyaway Fib“: Summit of the Century: Dougie Dennis meet Morph The Red Pill Pusher

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Achieving Childhood Dreams, Part 2 – I Met Gene Simmons!

Red Pill Parents, I have to share a dream fulfilled with you being that I recently wrote about achieving childhood dreams. I believe that keeping our childhood dreams, at least the one that are still pertinent, in our hearts as we travel through adulthood, helps keep us feeling young and prevents us from becoming cynical. [...]

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Preserve Your Child’s Artwork by Creating Photo Books

One dilemma that we parents all face several times a year is,”What should I do with all of the artwork that my child has created?” These are the masterpieces (OK maybe not all of them) that our kids beam with pride over and for which we shower them with praise for making. While some of [...]

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The Haitian Earthquake: How to Involve Our Kids + Old News Already?

When the story broke about the Haitian earthquake, I found myself glued to the TV in a state of sadness and shock.  I found the images, as I’m sure many of you did, to be quite graphic and disturbing and made it a point to either turn off the TV or change the channel when [...]

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